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235 FPS

Draw Weight

80 LBS



Power Stroke



1.5 LBS

Hori-Zone is very proud of the Redback Pistol Crossbow and this 80lb draw weight has a very powerful shot of 195FPS. All the designing gone into the Redback had only one purpose in mind and this was to become the best pistol crossbow on the market today and all the small details is what makes it so.


Patented Double safety System.
This great safety feature does not allow you to fire your pistol if the cocking handle is not in its place and secured by it's own safety button. The independent trigger box with it's anti-dry fire system adds and complements the security of the pistol.

String Bridge Design

This system only improves the balance on the string when going through the cocking process and reliefs stress on the string. This system will prolong your string life span.

Soft Anti-Slip Pistol Grip

Hori-Zone believes that one of the important safety issues that are tend to be ignored is a slippery grip and that is why they designed this comfortable but most importantly secure grip.

Extra Long Picatinny Rail

The Redback has 2 picatinny rails, one for the sight and one underneath the pistol so you can add a grip of choice or use the one included in the package. You can also add a laser or torch as the rail is standard 22mm.

Key Points

Limb - Extra enforced compress Fiber Limb
String - Durable BYC String
Stringer - EZ Stringer with safety opener
Nockends - Specially designed for easy string assembly
Sight - Fiber Optics

What's in the Box

Soft Feel Pistol Grip (Installed)
5pc Torpe-Bolt - 6.5" Composite Enforced Bolts With Build in Degreed Vanes
Tac Eagle®- Easy Adjustable Sight Pack
Ez Stringer - Stringer With Safety Opener
Tactical Pistol- Fore-Grip (Picatinny System)

Additional Information

Speed235 FPS
Draw Weight80 LBS
Power Stroke6"

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Customer Reviews

Does all it is claimed to do
I have another crossbow pistol of the PL make of 80lbs pistol crossbows!! it isnt. It is a toy compared to this beauty. This Red Back however is just that. At 20 yards the bolts are burying themselves up to the fletching in my layered foam target. I had to use piers to remove some as I couldnt get hold of the bolt with enough grip to remove them. A very powerful crossbow pistol, must be the most powerful one out there, and a heck of a lot of fun to shoot. Dont waste time with the others, buy one of these you wont be disappointed. Review by schony
Wonderful tool, useful for fishing, fun to shoot (has a few minor negative points)
All is relative right? Well, compared to the cobra "80lbs pistol crossbow":
The handle is soft and seems molded for my personal hand, very ergonomical (I actually enjoy just holding it it feels like a glove, soft)
The safety is AUTOMATIC! This is SO important! I would have shot myself already without it, cobra does not have it.
Power: it actually delivers 80lbs! Very powerful.
The string: very high quality.

I had the deluxe version: the LED sight is AMAZING.
Accuracy: can shoot a fish in the eye from 5 meters away (can shoot 5cm groups after lots of practice and careful aim.)

Downsides: (these are mainly tips for your designers/engineers)
(1) The bolts and screws may loosen when shifting from warm weather to cold storage: the bolts may actually drop out of the pistol and I had to look for them and re-insert them [this is a point of improvement Horizone!!!: include warnings to retighted bolts/screws or fix it!]

(2) The string is pressed SO TIGHTLY to the barrel! This is UNNECESSARY and wears the string out faster (string can take it though, so far)! I bought the Rage elite because I was told the string "floats" above the barrel to reduce friction on the string and reducing wear. PLease apply this principle to the next version of the red back!

I fully endorse this product! Hori-zone: good job!

Review by a hobbyist
I bought a 80 lb redback and it arrived a little late but I guess that would be because of it coming to Hungary and it would go through customs, cannot fault them for the incredible service provided. Everything was stated in the terms and conditions was spot on. Highly recommend this company to everyone. Thanks Review by katalin
Great and very powerful pistol crossbow
I own 2 pistol crossbows at the moment: The HZ redback 80# and the Cobra 80# (also known as the Armex Tomcat).
Compared to the Cobra everything is very well build, light and almost perfect. Although both are 80# crossbows the Redback is much stronger and faster than the cobra which is actually not a real 80# (so they say). I modified my cobra with an extra 50# limb but it is still not as powerfull and fast as the Redback is.

This crossbow is perfect for my home made 10" aluminium bolts which can hold a broadhead.

All in all this is a great mini crossbow which can be used for home defense or a SHTF situation. Review by Danny_NL
I've just purchased red back crossbow pistol well made awesome powerful Review by Peter
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