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Hori-Zone Crossbows

Here at Hori-Zone we're proud to deliver affordable, high performance, ready to shoot packages for hunting, target shooting and recreational purposes. Our stunning range of versatile, lightweight, and compact crossbows and archery bows combine ease-of-use with the demands of high performance, giving you the ultimate shooting experience.

'Our innovative no-compromise designs offer "True Value" with ready-to-shoot packages that are affordable, powerful and packed full of winning features.'



All Hori-Zone crossbows have been designed incorporating the latest technology in safety features. Responsibility contributes to the safety of your crossbow

cool features

Ambidextrous Anti-Dry Fire & Auto-Safety, Integrated Full Barrel Picatinny Rail Accepts 100s of Aftermarket Accessories are just some of the cool features Hori-Zone crossbows have


Each Hori-Zone Crossbow has been made using the latest technology in safety features and quality build. The innovated designs will continue to push the affordable perfomance

Packaged Crossbows

All Hori-Zone Crossbows offer affordable, high performance, ready to shoot packages for hunting, target shooting, and recreational purposes.

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The Devil's in the detail


“I couldn't of bought a better crossbow than the Kornet MX-405, The outstanding kick that the 200lb draw weight produces when shooting is an incredible sensation of power. I do a lot of target shooting during the year getting ready for my hunting season in Africa and I can proudly say this crossbow perfomed beyond my expectation.”

John M., customer.